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Sky Betting & Gaming is a British-based Canadian gambling company, owned by The Stars Group, with headquarters in Leeds, West Yorkshire and offices in Sheffield, London, Guernsey, Rome and Germany. Sky Betting & Gaming consists of six core brands: Sky Bet, Sky Vegas, Sky Casino, Sky Poker, Sky Bingo and Sky Lotto. It also owns online betting odds comparison site Oddschecker.

JustBookies reported, "We no longer trust SkyBet. Our betting account was limited and restricted quickly. They have a terrible reputation for restricting winning players or even those punters who just string a few fortunate winners together. They are on record admitting to this deliberate policy. They only want losers. They are owned largely by a venture capital company whose only interest is money. Little wonder their customer service is abysmal."


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Matt Kent says

"Despite having money in my account and having used Sky for years they locked my account and prevented me placing a winning bet. Scummy response and company, refused to honour the bet despite taking ages to verify my account. Avoid like the plague."

Mark T O says

"Yep agree with all the other negative reviews. Would you believe they settled 5 of my bets completely wrong yesterday. They decided to 'void' a winning bet that would of paid 250/1 and gave me small payouts on 4 bets that clearly lost. Comical!! Upon contacting them through live chat they said they were completely right but as a gesture of goodwill will they would give me ten quid. I have absolutely no confidence in having a sensible bet with them if they can't settle 5 bets properly. Shall be taking my business elsewhere. Be wary everyone!!"

sally says

"i would give them 0 if i could happy to take payments from my card as soon as i won and tried to withdraw winnings blocked account. unable to talk with anybody beware!"

christian james says

"Please people stay away from this lot they are an absolute joke of a company They point blank lie During the premier league darts they put a bet up of over 14,5 legs and it was staked at 100-1 as me and my mates where a bit bored we whacked on a fiver but as the darts started I thought hang on the match is best of 14 So that means it’s impossible to be over 14.5 now I don’t mean impossible as 100-1 I mean impossible This was a league game so it could not go the distance!! After realising I contacted sky bet and well this is where they show what they Really are liars They kept disconnecting me from the chat eventually I got through and they told me that the supervisor in charge has said it was a legit bet and could go the distance I sent proof that it couldn’t and there response was yes it can Now what makes it more interesting is that all the other darts matches after had no such bet I took it further and got an email saying they where wrong and gave me ten pins credit Now would they have said anything if I didn’t notice no chance!!!!!!!!"

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